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In New Jersey, the law states a bicyclist must obey all state and local automobile driving laws. A parent may be held responsible for the child’s violation of any traffic law.

 ** Be Alert! Be Aware! Protect Yourself and your children!!

Ocean City Vision: Creating Neighborhood Greenways
A low traffic volume and low traffic speed street where bicycles, pedestrians and neighbors are given priority
Providing safe connections and provide a more pleasant, family-friendly place to bicycle, walk and live.
Portland Greenways - What the Haven Avenue Bike Boulevard aspires to be! 

The Haven Avenue Bike Boulevard, opened in the Spring of 2008 from 9th St to 34th St. This is phase I of Ocean City's overall bike routes plan to connect the community and create a "greenway".
The Haven Avenue Bike Boulevard is a "Share The Road" facility. Automobiles have access, but are being discouraged by the addition of traffic calming measures; reduced speed limit to 15MPH, 4-way stops at all intersections, the use of the "Sharrow", and additional signage. 
Recreational bicyclists (families) now have the first designated bike route in Ocean City to enjoy a leisurely ride.
As the routes develop in town, including the expansion of the Haven Ave Route and connector routes to the downtown, boardwalk etc; this "network" will provide safer bike transportation opportunities. 
Coming Soon:  The Haven Avenue Bike Route South-end from 49th to 56th St! This second leg will provide another safe north/south Share The Road facility around the Ocean City Homes neighborhood.      

Ride the Haven Ave Bike Boulevard! You're gonna love it!

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The new Ocean City Bike/Eco Tourism Brochure. Get the most out of your biking experience. 
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Cars and bikes should SHARE THE ROAD.

It’s the Law. It’s considerate. 

The New Jersey Bicycling Manual: A comprehensive guide to bicycling in the state of New Jersey, with chapters on: Equipment & maintenance, Traffic basics, Riding in various conditions, Signs & signals, and Law. This is a MUST READ for all bicyclists!  

Bicycle Safety:

1. Wear a helmet. Even adults!
2. Ride with traffic, not against it.
3. Establish eye contact with drivers.
4. Do not ride more than two abreast.
5. Ride predictably and be visible.
6. Use hand signals when turning.
7. Use lights at night.
8. Obey all traffic signals, signs, and laws.

Click Here For NJ Bike Safety Laws

Whether you're driving a car or bike, you need to be aware and informed of traffic safety principles. 
Share The Road/Traffic Principles

Parents Tip Sheet: Children And Traffic
The Ride Safe Take Home Bicycle Rodeo:  Parents; you can help teach bicycle safety  with this fun activity! In five simple lessons, you can teach your child some of the most important bicycle safety lessons.  Activity Grades: K - 3 and 4 - 6


Complete Streets - Ocean City, a leader in the state

Know The Rules Of The Road!!
  New Jersey Bike Safety Law:

Title 39:4-14.2, 39:4-10.11 Operating Regulations. 'Every person riding a bicycle on a roadway shall ride as near to the right roadside as practicable exercising due care when passing a standing vehicle or one proceeding in the same direction. A bicyclist may move left under any of the following conditions: 1) To make a left turn from a left turn lane or pocket; 2) To avoid debris, drains, or other hazardous conditions on the right; 3) To pass a slower moving vehicle; 4) To occupy any available lane when traveling at the same speed as other traffic; 5) To travel no more than two abreast when traffic is not impeded, but otherwise ride in single file. Every person riding a bicycle shall ride in the same direction as vehicular traffic.

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Know The Rules Of The Road