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Links: - Rails To Trails Conservancy
Creating a nationwide network of trails from former rail lines and connecting corridors to build healthier places for healthier people

Complete Streets  From a movement to a coalition to legislation. Planning our streets liveable for all users.

Complete Streets New Jersey - Ocean City, a leader in the movement

Ocean City's Corsons Inlet Rail Trail - Natural Art A John Thornton Film - Cool Short!

Community Quilt: street murals in intersections which provide public art and act as traffic calming measures. Learn more:
OC's 1st Project - 20th & haven Ave
OC Paints A Street - A Short Film By John Thornton
OC's 2nd Project - 52nd & 53rd on Haven Ave
How cool is this! 

Sharrow - Share The Road symbol. Ocean City is the first municipality in New Jersey to use the Sharrow. Learn More:
Bike TV - Painting Sharrows
Sharrow - Open Door Disaster

bike/ Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge; One of the many natural wetland habitats that feature a prominent bikeway component. They've proven successful! - The Georgia Coast Rail Trail: This 68 mile trail is being built on the existing, raised railroad bed, separated from the wetlands and wildlife  habitat.

Portland Greenways Transportation planners in Portland, Oregon are taking their famous Bicycle Boulevards to the next level.

Portland's Bicycle Boulevards

On-Street Bike Corral

Create Bike-Only Roads - Thinking forward ......  

Building Bike Paths Is Great For The Economy

Buffered Bike Lanes Bring Out The Cyclists

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Mission Statement

Know The Rules Of The Road

The mission of is to help create a more bicycle-friendly Ocean City; to help educate & promote awareness on the issue of safety, to provide bike route information, and to foster a fun and enjoyable biking experience in our community.

We believe communities should be planned, designed and managed to ensure that people of all ages can bike easily, safely, and regularly. We believe that we can cost-effectively make the changes needed, to make our community a more physically active and livable place.

We advocate biking as a solution to our growing health concerns, environmental concerns, and local traffic congestion and parking problems. Biking is a “green” mode of transportation, with the benefit of being a healthy mode of travel.

We are a group of Ocean City residents who dream of the day when people of all ages can effortlessly bicycle throughout town without fear for our safety. When this day arrives, we will live in a special place - where we are healthier, breathe less carbon emissions, drive on less crowded streets, easily find parking spots downtown, and more fully enjoy the Shore lifestyle. We believe that this day does not have to be far off.

Safer Streets



We advocate for the essential inclusion of bicycle and pedestrian accommodations in all city roadway improvements and development.

  •     Complete Streets Policy
  •     Safe Routes To School
  •     Bicycle Friendly Community
  •     Safe, Complete Streets Planning

Biking Ocean City, New Jersey

  • Increase health and fitness opportunities for children and adults through active recreation and human-powered transportation.
  • Increase safety of pedestrians and cyclists and reduce dangerous driving.
  • Reduce traffic congestion, manage traffic better, and reduce parking problems.
  • Improve the environment by reducing fossil fuel use and emitting fewer noxious emissions.
  • Stimulate economic development and smart growth in the downtown.
  • Improve quality of life with vibrant livable public spaces connecting the community.
  • Have more fun!

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